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Battery Thermal Management in Electric Vehicles

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Advanced numerical simulation helps accelerate the development of safe, long-lasting and cost-effective batteries for electric vehicles.



Jaguar I-PACE drives from London to Brussels on a single charge

The Jaguar I-PACE has demonstrated its real-world usability by driving 229 miles (369km) from London to... Kaynak:

3 hours 2 min

Self-driving cars are getting the Ikea treatment

NoneIkea is synonymous not only with affordable items for the home, but with a clean, spare look.

4 hours 2 min

E-tron revealed: First electric Audi has 249-mile range, starts at $74,800

Audi has finally taken the covers off the production version of its highly anticipated electric SUV, the e-tron.The e-tron is the first of 12 electric cars to come from Audi between now and 2025, as the veteran carmaker - and part of the VW... Kaynak:

6 hours 11 min