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NYC to install 50 new fast charging hubs by 2020

New York City will install 50 new fast charging hubs for electric cars across the five boroughs by 2020, the mayor said at a press conference held at the Gowanus Whole Foods.
Hubs with at least four, and up to 20, fast charging stations will be peppered across the city as part of a $10 million investment that aims to make electric cars a more accessible option for New Yorkers
“We’re committing to installing 50 fast-charging hubs in this city by 2020. So, 50 hubs that will be fully accessibly to the public with the latest technology that allows a fast charge and is convenient for drivers. We will start with a major hub in each borough by the end of next year. The hubs we’ll put in for each borough will have 20 charging stations each. So, 20 of these exact stations you see over here per hub. So, we’ll be putting in 100 hubs overall by the end of next year – and overall for the city, 50 fast-charging hubs.”
“Based on this announcement and other measures, our goal is to have at least 20 percent of all new vehicles in New York City be electric by 2025 – a huge difference this will make in terms of our environment.”
It’s part of the city’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050.
[source: DNAinfo]
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